Frequently Asked Questions 
Why travel with ImagineAsia? 

Which company to entrust your travel arrangements with is perhaps the single most important decision you will make. With a multitude of companies to choose from, it is admittedly a difficult choice. Most of these companies offer tour packages designed for the mass market, offering very little flexibility during the trip. Everything looks great on their website, and in the brochure, but what is not being said, and what compromises are hidden in the details? It is only after taking the trip that you find out. ImagineAsia is passionate about Asia. It is our specialty and the part of the world we love; and we have three decades of experience here. Our journeys are not about tour packages for tourists, but rather experiences for the discerning traveler. They are for the independent traveler who might have chosen a university or museum trip, but wants immediate access without the buzz of large buses or tour groups. Each program is unique, and carefully planned to meet your interests, budget, and time frame. Private touring offers a flexible schedule so that you may linger longer in the places you enjoy and move at your own pace. “Forty-five minutes here and back on the bus” is not part of our vernacular, nor will it be part of your travel experience. We believe that today’s generation of travelers, ourselves included, are seeking travel arrangements that reflect who we are, and the things we enjoy. This is a guiding principle for us, and we invite you to browse the suggested itineraries contained on this website, ask us your questions, and let us craft for you a unique and unforgettable experience in Asia.

How do I book one of your tours? 
The website contains suggested itineraries for each of the destinations. You may telephone or send us an email through the Contact Us page. We have included a brief questionnaire to help let us know you better. Once we have your information, we will design your trip and send you the details. Once everything is agreed upon, we will require a deposit in order to confirm all arrangements. This procedure is outlined under Booking a Trip.

Can the tour arrangements be modified? 

Yes. All of our journeys are fully customizable to fit your interests and tastes.

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Are there set departure dates for the tours? 

There are no set departures dates. You choose the travel dates that best fit your schedule. Most destinations have an “on” and “off” season, and our destination guides contain information on what to expect weather-wise. Besides offering you our advice, we will alert you to any holiday periods that are best to avoid due to crowded conditions or closure of attractions or shops.

Will there be other people traveling with us? 

No, all out trips are based on private touring for you and the persons in your party. This is the key in giving you the flexibility to tour as you wish, and the ability to move at your own pace. If there are any exceptions, such as during a game drive in India where a jeep might be shared, we will alert you prior to confirming arrangements.

Will there be free time during the trip? 

We believe that having some free time during the trip is always a good idea. Since every trip is custom-designed, this is always possible, and of course the touring schedule is flexible along the way. Certain cities or areas contain so many “must-sees” that it is always wise to strike a balance from one place to another.

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Is airfare included in the price of the tour? 

We include all regional flights within the itinerary. Our prices do not include the international airfare, as many of our travelers find it convenient to arrange this on their own using their mileage awards. We are always happy to arrange your international flights based on request.

How are the tour guides arranged? 

Typically we arrange for a local tour guide in each city or region. Each guide is an expert in his/her area, and knows the best time to visit the sights, the best restaurants in town, what’s new, exciting, and not to be missed, and how to make your stay simultaneously informative and enjoyable. They are there to assist you with whatever you require, and are always on hand to answer your questions and make suggestions.

What types of hotels will we stay in? 

Many of the world’s finest hotels and resorts are found in Asia. There are elegant city hotels and sublime palm-fringed resorts, grand colonial hotels filled with history and culture, and small boutique hotels with a quirkiness and flair unique to themselves. We always hand-pick them for you based on our experience and your preferences. If there are particular hotels you would like us to use just let us know. In some local areas there is not always a wide choice of accommodation, and in these cases we arrange for the best available.

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What documents are required for travel, and do I arrange for my own visas? 

A valid passport is required for all international travel. Many countries in Asia require that your passport remain valid for a minimum of six months from your departure date from their country. Please take care to double check this well in advance of your trip. U.S. citizens are required to obtain entry visas for China, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), and Laos. Specific information can be found on visa requirements in our
Reference section.

What meals are included during the trip? 

Breakfast is generally included at your hotel or resort each morning. This makes for a nice start and keeps the energy levels high for the day ahead. We usually arrange for lunch when touring local areas, or when a full day of sightseeing is involved. Dinners are occasionally included as well, particularly to sample a city’s signature dish. Under each suggested itinerary we list the meal arrangement, which again is fully customizable.

Will my telephone work, and can I check email during the trip? 

Asia has become a very well-connected part of the world, and iPhones, Blackberrys, and other smart phones will generally work. However, there are usually significant roaming charges associated with using your own phone, so please contact your provider for details on what international roaming plans they offer. Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly available, and is a good way to check email without data charges. Most hotels now have the ability to provide email access either in the room or in their business center. In very local areas it is recommended to seek out the local internet café.

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Will I receive frequent flyer miles? 

This is strictly based on the rules of your frequent flyer program. Please contact your carrier for details. Some airlines require that a particular booking class be used in order to accrue miles.

Are there any immunizations required for travel? 

Generally speaking no inoculations are required unless you are arriving from a yellow fever-infected area. Our destination guides under the
Reference tab offer specific information for each country. Often common sense is the best prevention, such as drinking bottled water and avoiding street food. We recommend you consult with your physician at least four weeks prior to your departure date to determine what preventative treatment might be necessary.

Can the tours be booked through my travel agent? 

Yes, we are big supporters of the travel agent community, and we are delighted to work with your agent. Please have your agent contact us on your behalf, or let us know the details, and we'll get in touch with him or her. We are happy to work directly with you if you prefer, and please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.